Alumni, Students, Friends and Supporters working together to achieve positive change at The Pennsylvania State University as a result of recent events.

Who We Are

Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship (PS4RS) is an organization of alumni, students, community members, university members, parents of students and supporters of the University. We aim to achieve positive change at Penn State and restore the University's reputation.

PS4RS is an organization, governed by a seven-person volunteer board, that is managed by proud Penn Staters who are volunteering their time for this effort. The organization does not have any paid employees. The PS4RS board meets monthly to discuss strategy, action items and issues related to the leadership of Penn State. We strongly encourage new ideas that support our mission, and kindly ask that you email with a specific proposal if you wish to have yours considered by our board. The organization does not have any paid employees.

Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship is registered as a not-for-profit corporation in the State of Pennsylvania, but at this time does not have tax-exempt status.

The organization currently has more than 20,000 members which represent a diverse cross section of the Penn State community from the United States and several foreign countries.

Mission Statement

This mission of this organization:

-Remove and replace those members of the Penn State Board of Trustees who were responsible for the mishandling of the University's role in and response to the Jerry Sandusky saga. First and foremost, that involves electing three new Penn State trustees in 2014 in an ongoing effort to leverage the role of alumni in the BoT elections.

-Be the watchdog Penn State organization -- representing a cross section of Penn State alumni, students, faculty, staff, friends and supporters - on issues regarding the leadership of the University.

-Strive to unify various alumni efforts related to improving truth, transparency and effective governance at Penn State University, including providing support to other groups and avoiding a duplication of effort.

How PS4RS Was Formed

PS4RS was originally formed as a Facebook group in November 2011, shortly after former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky was indicted and the Board of Trustees embarked on a series of actions that have seriously damaged Penn State's reputation.

These actions include:

(1) Firing an employee with many years of service and outstanding contributions to the University in a manner that violated the Board's own Standing Orders.

(2) Commissioning Freeh Sporkin and Sullivan, led by Louis Freeh, to perform an investigation that was purported to be "independent" but, in fact, appears to have been developed in collaboration with the Office of the Pennsylvania Attorney General. The report is based on interviews collected without subpoena power, lacks interviews with the central figures in the case, and is full of unsupported conclusions.

(3) Making numerous false representations to the Penn State community and the public at large about various matters including what the Board knew about Mr. Sandusky's criminal behavior and when the Board knew it.

(4) Not only failing to defend the students, alumni and faculty of Penn State from outrageous slander in the mass media, but actually lending credence to this slander by making irresponsible comments about the "culture" of Penn State, or worse, remaining completely silent, without defending that narrative.

(5) Allowing Mr. Freeh, who had been retained at the University's expense, to make numerous unsupported "conclusions" in a nationally televised press conference, to the detriment of Penn State and its stakeholders.

(6) Permitting President Rodney Erickson to sign a Consent Decree with the NCAA that will ultimately cost Penn State more than $100 million, which has already caused substantial economic damage to local businesses, without Board review or approval.

In late November 2011 the group adopted the name "Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship." The official website was launched in January 2012. The group became registered as Pennsylvania not-for-profit corporation in fall of 2012.

Membership has grown substantially and incrementally with each misstep by the Board.

How Can I Join

Membership is free and is open to alumni, students, community members, university members, parents of students and supporters of the university.To become a member of PS4RS please fill in the New Member Registration Form. You will be added to the PS4RS email list to receive periodic updates from the organization.

Members can also follow PS4RS on Facebook and follow PS4RS on Twitter

Members can discuss Penn State issues at The ELMS - the PS4RS Discussion Forum. ELMS users have the option to log in with an existing Facebook and/or Twitter sign in.

PS4RS Donations

PS4RS is registered as a Pennsylvania not-for-profit organization and encourages non-tax deductible donations.

The PS4RS budget primarily supports the stated mission of the organization -- supporting candidates to fill the alumni-elected trustee seats. It also covers modest PS4RS operating costs including the website, forum, and campaign expenses.

Donations can be made by using the paypal button below

Recurring Donations

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If you would prefer to donate by mailing a check please email for assistance.

Legal and Regulatory Task Force

The goal of the PS4RS Legal and Regulatory Task Force is to provide guidance to PS4RS, as well as Penn State alumni and students and the citizens of Pennsylvania, on the legal and regulatory issues associated with the operation of the BoT. Many questions have been raised regarding the legality of certain actions of the BoT. The Task Force will endeavor to explore those issues, provide guidance, and, as necessary, utilize resources for corrective action.

Legal and Regulatory Task Force

Strategic Goals

  • 2012 – Support three Alumni candidates to run for the Alumni BoT seats
  • 2013 – Support three Alumni candidates to run for the Alumni BoT seats
  • 2014 – Support three Alumni candidates to run for the Alumni BoT seats