Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship Announces “Top Six” Alumni Trustee Candidates
Live Forum and Online Survey Will Determine Final Three Candidates for Group’s Endorsement

February 1, 2012 —- Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship, the organization formed to
affect positive change within the University Board of Trustees, demanding transparent,
trustworthy and moral leadership in the upcoming elections, has announced the names of its top
six alumni candidates seeking write-in consideration for the upcoming Trustee election.
According to PS4RS founder Michelle Murosky, a committee of 11 PS4RS members and one
representative from the Lettermen’s club objectively evaluated more than 50 completed
applications, describing the process as analogous to an executive search. “In the same way a
corporation searches for a new leader, we were in search of proven professionals with
demonstrated leadership experience,” explained Murosky. “We are confident, that in addition to
a sincere love of Penn State, these individuals have impressive and appropriate skills needed to
work constructively and transparently within today’s challenging environment of the Penn State
Board of Trustees.”

The PS4RS “Top Six” are:

• Mark Connolly, PhD in Inorganic Chemistry (1984), resides in West Chester, Pa.
o Mr. Connolly joined DuPont in 1984 as a research chemist, and has dedicated
his 28-year career to moving up the ranks of DuPont, currently serving in the role
of Global IP Director. He is responsible for intellectual property protection, patent
analysis, and trade secret risk management for DuPont Central R&D and
Industrial Biosciences.
o “I believe that I can be an articulate, independent, and forceful advocate for the
alumni of the University. I am extremely unhappy with the current Trustees, and
believe that they simply ‘attend’ the meetings and discussions and ‘rubber stamp’
decisions from the leaders.” — Mark Connolly

• Barbara Doran, BA in Liberal Arts (1975), resides in New York, NY
o Ms. Doran is a private wealth manager at Morgan Stanley, with a specialty in
equity and hedge fund investing. A graduate of the Harvard Business School,
she is a former Research Investment Officer of Neuberger Berman, where she
co-managed the equity research department and a technology fund.
o “I think any board needs members who are independent and fair-minded, strong
enough to withstand any pressures from both internal and external sources, and
who have strong beliefs in the importance of transparency and accountability,
and whose understanding of their fiduciary responsibilities sometimes means
standing up to each other, and to the board and university leadership.” —

Barbara Doran
• C. Jay Hertzog, BS in Education, MEd, DEd, (1968, 1972, 1980), resides in Denver, Pa.
o Dr. Hertzog is a retired Dean of the College of Education at Slippery Rock
University and a leading authority in the field of student transition from middle
school to high school, having made more than 110 peer-reviewed presentations,
co-authored 5 books, and had 36 peer-reviewed articles published. In 2006, Dr.
Hertzog received Penn State’s College of Education’s “Excellence in Education”
o “I believe we can have excellence in teaching, research, service to the
community and athletics. If we want alumni to continue their support for our
academic programs, we MUST provide them with signs of excellence in all
areas…including athletics.” – C. Jay Hertzog

• Anthony Lubrano, BS in Accounting, (1982), resides in Glenmoore, Pa.
o Mr. Lubrano is Founder and President of A.P. Lubrano & Company, Inc..
Specializing in group retirement services, wealth management and group health
& welfare consulting, the 23-year-old firm serves thousands of clients
and handles more than $400 million in assets. Mr. Lubrano’s lead gift to Penn
State Intercollegiate Athletics led to the construction of Medlar Field at Lubrano
Park, a 5,400-seat baseball stadium that opened in 2006.
o “The responsibility of the Board of Trustees is to reflect the vision of Penn State,
and thus demonstrate the strength and leadership for which our name has
become synonymous. I have spoken with alumni from coast to coast and around
the world and I am committed to be their voice to affect change.” – Anthony

• Ryan J. “Joe” McCombie, BA in Liberal Arts, (1970), resides in State College, Pa.
o Ryan J. McCombie is a retired United States Navy Captain with more than 26
years of service. Mr. McCombie was previously commanding officer of SEAL
(Sea, Air, Land) Team Two. He also served as Operations Officer of the highly
regarded Red Cell Team and has served in high-level positions at the Defense
Intelligence Agency in Washington, DC. He is now an independent business
consultant and serves on the Board of Advisors/ Directors of several national
o “After moving 19 times in our married life, now living in State College, it’s much of
our way of life. My desire as a Penn State Trustee is to affect change and create
a vision and strategy for the future.” – Ryan J. McCombie

• William Seibel, BS in Industrial Engineering (1973), resides in Wellesley, Mass.
o Mr. Seibel is the CEO and Founder of Mobiquity, a professional services
company that was recently named “1 of 9 Top Tech Start-ups to Watch in 2012.”
He has founded and led technology companies including Gumball; Demantra,
successfully sold to Oracle; and Zefer, one of the fastest growing services
companies of all time, reaching $138 million in revenue in two years.
o “I believe my leadership can help overcome the current challenges facing Penn
State; I love the University and everything that it stands for.” – William Seibel

In response to a desire from PS4RS membership to learn more about the candidates, and to
deliver on its mission of transparency, the group has partnered with Penn State Radio to host a
PS4RS candidate forum on The LION 90.7fm. Listeners nationwide can log onto
on Saturday, February 4, 2012 at 3:00 PM EST and click the upper right-hand corner of the
page to listen live. The session will be recorded and available via podcast following the event.

This two-hour discussion will provide each of the six candidates with ample and equal
opportunity to demonstrate their suitability for one of PS4RS’ three endorsements. Andy
Nagypal will host and moderate, and will be joined by Joseph Paul, a student panelist. A social
media manager will solicit questions through the station’s Twitter (@TheLION907fm) and
Facebook accounts.

An on-line voting procedure, to begin Wednesday, February 2, 2012, involving the full PS4RS
membership will determine the final three candidates PS4RS will ultimately endorse. Murosky
emphasized that anyone wishing to participate in the online voting procedure should visit the
website at to get a link to the ballot, or to register their email address to vote.
PS4RS will announce via press release on February 8, its final three candidates for
endorsement in the 2012 Board of Trustees election. Murosky requests that Penn State alumni
interested in the PS4RS candidates wait to complete their nominating ballots until the top three
are announced.

“At this moment we, the alumni, have the power to vote out the alumni-elected members of the
Board of Trustees,” explained Murosky, “and to vote in those with excellent communication skills
and honorable leadership qualities – including integrity, courage, persistence, dedication and
business knowledge — who may restore the glory of Penn State.“
Three of the University’s Board of Trustees are up for re-election in April/May 2012. David
Jones, retired New York Times Assistant Managing Editor, has said that he will not seek to
retain his seat. Neither will Dr. David Joyner, who recently stepped down to assume
responsibilities as the University’s interim Athletic Director. Anne Riley, a teacher from Centre
County holds the third seat.

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