Members respond to the letter Board of Trustees Chair Karen Peetz sent  to all Penn State alumni that included a response to the recent alumni survey conducted. Read the responses that some of our members prepared as a result of this letter

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June 8, 2012

Ms. Peetz:

Regrettably, you will never see this. But you and the members of the Board need to
understand. The Board, jointly and severally, failed to do its job from at least January,
2011, through March 16, 2012. You were perhaps aided by ineffective, if not
incompetent, legal advice and terrible mistakes by the Administration. It remains
apparent however, that no one on the Board did the due diligence which we expect and to
which we are entitled, when the Sandusky investigation was first disclosed. It certainly
seems that when the charges were finally filed in November, the Board was caught
unprepared. In the ensuing chaos, the Board took actions which tacitly accepted or
appeared to accept, for the University, responsibility and accountability for the behavior
of a former employee. The media firestorm should never have occurred. And, if the
Board, and its members, had done what it, and they, should have done, it would not have.

As Attorney General, Thomas Corbett, initiated the investigation, apparently with the
testimony and cooperation of a live boy. As Governor, he was in position to know that
charges were going to be filed. As a member of the Board of Trustees, he had a fiduciary
duty to inform the Board that a crisis was coming. Apparently he failed to do so. He
should be held accountable for such failure, by the Board. The Board, and its members,
as of November 5, 2011, failed the University. Until such time as the Board abandons its
“we are a club” approach to governance, it will continue to fail. With all due respect, I
can never trust or believe in you, or the Board, so long as the so-called “seminars,” are
closed to the public, and so long as those individuals on the Board on January 30, 2011
and November 5, 2011 and March 16, 2012, continue to serve.

C. Madison “Brick” Brewer, Class of 1964

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