Members respond to the letter Board of Trustees Chair Karen Peetz sent  to all Penn State alumni that included a response to the recent alumni survey conducted. Read the responses that some of our members prepared as a result of this letter

Read Karen’s Letter
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June 9, 2012

Dear Karen,

Was it that you didn’t believe us when we sat together in your executive dining room
back in April and represented the feelings of Penn Staters all over the world? Or that you
didn’t WANT to believe us? The results released this week from a study that simply didn’t
need to be conducted were scathing, to say the least, and completely consistent with the
pulse of Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship, to say the most. No matter who you
ask, no matter how you ask it, no matter how much time goes by, no matter how many
committees you restructure, no matter how many listening tours you organize, no matter
how many websites you launch, no matter how many investigations are conducted, no
matter how many alumni letters you write, it is simply impossible to expunge the disgust
that alumni, students and friends of the University have for the Board’s dismissal of Joe
Paterno without due process. And that disgust is growing and festering with every
passing day. As I said in April, and many times publicly before and since, the ONLY
solution to bringing the University community together is to admit the trustees’ failure of
leadership, immediately dismiss those at the forefront of the decision, and apologize
publicly, sincerely and profusely to the Paterno family for your completely unfair and
unwarranted rush to judgment and subsequent smearing of Joe Paterno’s good name. In
your newer role as Chairwoman, you have ability to make this happen now; to
demonstrate that there is indeed humility (and common sense) somewhere within the
walls of your board room, albeit long overdue. In your recent letter to alumni, you list the
responsibilities of the trustees, including selecting the next president of the University,
determining the major goals of the University and approving the University’s budgets. I
ask you: how, in good faith, can anyone have the confidence in you and the trustees who
sit with you to steer the future of our University when over the course of the last seven
months, you have demonstrated nothing but bravado, cowardice, and exceedingly poor
judgment? We all want to move forward to strengthen Penn State — its value and its
brand and all of its incredible tangible and intangible assets. But, it all starts with you,
and the conviction I implore you to demonstrate when you take the podium on July 13.
Please don’t insult us with more updates and status reports that only serve to ignore the
real issue and infuriate us even more. Show us that you really have listened — on your
“listening tour” and beyond — and, as Chairwoman of the Board, please set the proper
course for healing.


Maribeth Roman Schmidt
Member, Penn Staters for Responsible

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