Members respond to the letter Board of Trustees Chair Karen Peetz sent  to all Penn State alumni that included a response to the recent alumni survey conducted. Read the responses that some of our members prepared as a result of this letter

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June 12, 2012

Dear Ms. Peetz,

Aren’t you the one who referred to us alumni as “not getting it” and “stupid”? Didn’t you
misuse and mock the phrase “In hindsight…”? Not one of the many of alumni with whom
I am in contact was asked to take this survey. So who actually took it??

When are you going to stop wasting precious money with your contradicting PR spins
you continue to crank out? It’s time to admit the BoT badly mishandled this situation and
by rushing to judgment, YOU are the ones who have lead our great university down this
black hole.

When are you going to be accountable, report the facts, and stop with all the PR spin? An
new web site? Really?? We’re still waiting for the November 9th minutes which you
conveniently ignore. With each one of these self-congratulatory documents you put out,
you appear to be under the impression we are going to buy it. Sorry. It’s the BOT who
should be taking child abuse classes and wise up.

By repeating yourself over and over, you also seem to think it will make things true.
Again sorry, it’s not working and you continue to waste money on your PR. It’s time to
put the university first, and stop this nonsense of protecting your own and the other
trustees’ interests who should take responsibility. It’s time to come clean and apologize.

Denise McClellan
PSU ’78

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