Members respond to the letter Board of Trustees Chair Karen Peetz sent  to all Penn State alumni that included a response to the recent alumni survey conducted. Read the responses that some of our members prepared as a result of this letter

Read Karen’s Letter
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June 12, 2012

Dear Karen,

You do realize that Coach Paterno did say he would resign at the end of the season before
you guys fired him. Just please stop with the stupid comments like that and other
comments like “the BOT voted unanimously 32-0 to dismiss Coach Paterno”. The funny
part about my last statement is that the BOT is so incompetent that you probably read that
and STILL don’t know what is wrong with that statement.

The Board of Trustees have been, are, and continue to be a complete embarrassment to
the Pennsylvania State University and the alumni. The sooner you all step down, the
better it will be for the entire Penn State Family to move forward. The longer the current
BOT members remain and try to re-write history to try and save their own legacies, the
longer it will take for the Penn State family to start moving forward with the healing
process. Until that time, I am going to redirect all of my donations that would have gone
to the University to the Paterno’s foundation. At least I feel they still have the best interest
of the university in mind.


Chris Sheedy, 1990

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