Vice-Chair of the Board of Trustees recently spoke with the media to provide his own personal thoughts on what happened at Penn State. Despite that he indicates he was speaking for himself – he is recognized as the vice-chair. The AP sent out his statements to as many as 900 AP outlets.

To quote the article: “Keith Masser, a Penn State trustee, said in an interview that he initially thought the scandal was about a failure of administrative oversight of the football program. Now he suspects it goes deeper.”

Another quote from the article: “Masser stressed he was speaking for himself and not the board at large, and said he wants to be careful not to draw premature conclusions. But he said it now appears like “top administration officials and top athletic officials were involved in making the decision to not inform the proper authorities.”

What is most troubling about this speculation by Vice-Chair Keith Masser is that the BoT has demonstrated again that they do not understand the corner stone of Due Process. They have again made speculations and accusations against University employees without having all the facts.

Read the article: AP: Penn State trustee says cover-up seems evident in Sandusky case

Read the responses that some of our members prepared as a result of Keith Masser’s statements.


June 16, 2012

Mr. Masser,

According to the Penn State University Board of Trustees bylaws, “Misuse of
Information” (Article 6, section 1(b)) is prohibited. I understand that is in the context of
conflicts of interest for monetary gain, but I have to wonder if your recent comments
suggesting Graham Spanier is guilty of a “cover-up” are a violation of the article. You
certainly imply that you have read and reviewed privileged emails that the University has
denied even to their author under the guise of an “ongoing investigation”. Why would
you have access to such information? And if you do not have access to this information,
why would you form an opinion in public without affording Graham Spanier due
process? This seems to be a common theme with you and your fellow Trustees. What do
you gain by speaking out “as an individual” – when in fact you are supposed to be a
public representative of the University – without even having met with your fellow
Trustees to review this information?

You sold Paterno down the river without due process. You sold Curley and Schultz down
the river without due process. You have now publicly sold Graham Spanier down the
river without due process. When will you sell out your fellow Board of Trustee members,
the true villains according many alumni and respectable leaders?

Jeffrey W Simons
Class of 1996

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