This past week we witnessed how the actions of one individual affected the lives of so many. Fortunately, for them, justice was served and hopefully they can start to heal.

The Sunday Pittsburgh Post-­‐Gazette’s headline read “For PSU the case has just begun.” Over the past eight months, the actions and inaction of our board of many has immensely impacted our university. Their actions moved the focus of the abuse from Jerry Sandusky to PSU. Interesting how the scandals at Syracuse and the Citadel were short term…for Penn State it may well take years to recover.

To keep moving on as usual will be difficult. The blows to Penn State from the press and the public are getting harder and more frequent. This is having an adverse effect on our university and our alumni and each of us will have to be ready to take and endure more blows.

For the future that Penn State is facing, we need qualified leaders who will give the issues total focus and dedication. And they need guts! Right now we know the stakes are high and the quality of leadership at Penn State is low.

Alumni, you are the strong voice of Penn State throughout the country. We need for you to stay strong your loyalty to Penn State is questioned and attacked.

We need you and we need to stay together. No matter how things turn against us we, as Penn Staters, know that we stand for and we know who we are.

Franco Harris

We Are….

5 thoughts on “Franco Harris: Stakes are High

  1. Yours was one of the very first voices to speak out unequivocally in support of Joe. You took a lot of heat for it but never wavered. Thanks for leading the way. I’d meet you at the Diner for a sticky bun any day LOL! — Gary Levitt


  2. Franco, the courage and determination that you and Dana have displayed have consistently provided inspiration and comfort to so many. You represent the best of what Jay has referred to again and again as a ‘Penn Stater’ and are cast in his father’s mold. There is no real way to thank you enough for everything you’ve done, and for what you and Dana continue to do to set our alma mater’s course aright again. You have our admiration and our gratitude.
    Angela Bell


  3. Franco – You have been a class act since our days at PSU. Thank you – and Dana – for standing so strong for Joe and for Penn State!


  4. Franco – You displlay all the attributes coach Paterno would expect of all Penn Staters. I am proud to be a Penn Stater and would stand beside you and fellow alumni to defend Joe and Penn State throughout. As Joe told his family before he died, “seek the truth and defend the honor and integrity of Penn State”. I plan to do just that. Thank you for all that you do for Dear Old State.


    1. Franco, as a student and member of your graduating class, I admired and respected you as an athlete who epitomized the integrity, pride, and honor that Joe brought to the football program and, indeed, to our entire university. I am proud to say that I now admire and respect you as a man, a Penn Stater, and a leader, who continues to epitomize those qualities that were instilled in you by the most honorable man I have ever known, Joe Paterno. Lead and I will follow! For the Glory.


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