“Maybe you’re just better off just trying to understand the aftermath, the consequences, the effect rather than the causes.”

This quote is from a previously published article but I am referencing this in light of the current Penn State situation we now face.

During the last eight months there has been a lot of cause and effect pursuant to the victims, our institution and the people of Penn State. How things were handled by PA Attorney General Linda Kelly, PA State Police Commissioner Frank Noonan and PA Governor Tom Corbett, and the actions and inaction of the Penn State Board of Trustees, had a great effect on how the public has viewed and judged Penn State. Add to this the “alleged” reporting from the media and all efforts appear to skew public opinion against Penn State and Joe Paterno.

Will the aforementioned quote prompt us to forget the cause, to give up, walk away and believe and accept the aftermath they have created? I say, no way!

Another chapter in this cause and effect scenario will be the Freeh report. We have already witnessed several broken promises with regard to this report. As we all know by now, there has been strategically released information from the Freeh report that is once again causing damage to Penn State and Joe Paterno. Who is orchestrating this pattern of blame before the official release of the Freeh report? Will it unfairly effect the trials of Tim Curley and Gary Schultz? Will it try to lay all the blame at the feet of Joe Paterno and his football program?

Louis Freeh, former head of the FBI, can’t protect confidential information? He can’t keep his people from leaking sensitive and confidential information? Well, he IS working for the BOT and the AG, isn’t he? As “they” keep telling us…stay tuned for the truth.

“Courage in leadership is very difficult, especially in today’s world, where the media doesn’t take the time to really understand you. And so…when people write about all the crap that they do, just…get stoic about it.”

This quote comes from an article about the CEO of Pepsi. There is no doubt that in an age of rapid information and rapidly formed opinions, there is a lot more pressure for rapidly made decisions, even without all the pertinent information, oftentimes abandoning courage and leadership. Especially now, when the leaked information is being fueled by the likes of Frank Noonan, with his latest remarks, and the continuing inaction of the BOT in defending Penn State. The statements by Noonan and the paralysis of the BOT prod the public into a certain pattern of thinking and contribute to the attitudes and opinions of the press.

This brings me to the “leaked emails.” Once again this pattern of swaying public opinion is in full swing.

The part I cannot understand is how the press, AG Linda Kelly and Frank Noonan read these leaked emails and went to the dark side and assumed the worst. Those selected passages from the emails can be interpreted in a number of ways, so why did they choose to assume the worst and implicate Joe? Why did they take this direction with so little information? Why do they only look for the worst and not wait for the truth? And why are they trying to make us believe them?

We all know Penn State is a great institution. We know Joe Paterno is synonymous with greatness. Until we learn otherwise, with cold hard facts, we will continue to believe and hold onto this greatness.

Franco ‘72


3 thoughts on “Franco Harris: Cause and effect

  1. Thank you Franco, for your strength of character and for your leadership in keeping our eyes on the truth.


  2. Thanks Franco. How in God’s name can Freeh give us the “facts” when he never interviewed all the principals in this fiasco; namely Curley, Schultz, Sandusky, and Joe Paterno? This is another attempt of the BOT to undermine the university again; and keep admitting guilt. I ask WHY? What are people hiding? Freeh’s report will not be any truth!!


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