Good morning everyone,

Last evening I did a couple of interviews, with Joe DiStio of KDKA and Brandon Boyd of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Although the interviews themselves were fine, the headlines were misleading.

They asked me the question, “If the truth comes out and implicates Joe, would you be willing to change your opinion of Joe?”. That’s an impossible question to answer. I’ve said from the start that I want the truth and will accept the truth, whatever that may be. But when they skew my words with their headlines, that skews readers/listeners to interpret that I’m already wavering in my position. THAT IS NOT TRUE!

When asked to do the interviews, I told them I had not yet read the Freeh report. (I was traveling and did catch some news bites while sitting at the airport.) During a general conversation about accepting the truth, I should have realized they might tie my comments to the Freeh report, even though that was not my intent.

I believe in due process.
I believe in Penn State.
I believe in Joe Paterno.


2 thoughts on “I believe in Joe Paterno

  1. Thank you, Franco, for speaking up. Many of us are trying to be heard. Your continued support of Joe and asking for true justice helps all of us.


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