Members respond to BoT Chairman Karen Peetz’s message to alumni on July 18, 2012 on the Freeh Report

Dear Ms. Peetz:

I sat in that Trustees meeting this past Friday at the  Worthington-Scranton campus.

I endured the powerpoint presentations.  I  chuckled over Mark Dambly’s shallow back patting.  I saw right through Ken Frazier’s Party Line.

I suffered thru the Alumni Assocation’s chatter  on the brick courtyard.

I observed Messrs. Lubert & Joyner with  their hand signalings inside the meeting room and the furtive tete a tete out in  the foyer.

It must have been very difficult for you as you spoke at the  podium, seeing Steve Garban sitting dead ahead, that other members of your Board  are calling for his removal.

I applaud you for keeping the meeting going  and everyone on task.

However, I cannot applaud you for your exit from that building after the press  conference.

A strong leader would have emerged into the lobby with a presence.  They would have made eye contact.

They would not have escaped via a back access door.

This is all I need to know about the Leadership of my Alma Mater.

You see Karen, WE ARE the Alumni.  WE ARE the parents & grandparents of the Students.  WE ARE Penn State.

And WE ARE outraged.  WE ARE embarrassed.  Although WE ARE not lost, WE ARE looking for strong leadership for this Institution.

Although WE ARE loud, WE ARE asking for your strong voice against the Media  Hoardes.

WE ARE asking you to direct the narrative we so clearly have outlined for you.

WE ARE telling you this.  WE ARE wondering when you  will listen.

Wendy Silverwood
West Chester PA
PSU 1982

One thought on “Wendy Silverwood: WE ARE looking for strong leadership for this Institution.

  1. Ms. Silverwood,
    BRILLIANTLY DONE. The point could not have been more pointedly made. Let’s hope your democratic assertion of the authority of the people who ARE Penn State is born out over time. Please continue your wonderfully creative commentary and keep up the pressure.


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