Members respond to BoT Chairman Karen Peetz’s message to alumni on July 18, 2012 on the Freeh Report

Speaking of sorrowful, the Freeh report was the most sorrowful $6 million report that one could ever read. The only transparency you’ve demonstrated by its content was that it was directed by you and the Board, it was in no way complete or objective, and just proved once again that you and your cronies haven’t the slightest clue as to the irreparable harm you have caused the University and those who have supported it over the years. Your egos prohibit you from doing what should have been done months ago which is resign and let a new era begin. You instead chose to continue to attempt to place blame everywhere but with yourselves. What Jerry Sandusky did was horrific and unforgiveable damaging many lives for years to come. What you and the board have done is unforgiveable and damaging to the University for years to come. Trust is earned and there is no trust in you and your complicit cronies. When I feel shame for the University I see your face and the faces of the other Board members who are as responsible as you for the fall of a great institution. Please take the shame away now.

Jim Mannion
Class of 1966, former University Employee

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