Penn Staters For Responsible Stewardship Issues Statement on NCAA Sanctions
July 23, 2012 — “Today, by enabling yet another knee-jerk reaction — this time by the NCAA — the Penn State Board of Trustees has egregiously failed every single one of its constituents. It is beyond comprehension how the NCAA can possibly believe it has the power to control events that do not violate NCAA rules, nor how the NCAA can issue punishment without ever even launching an investigation in accordance with their own rules.

What’s unprecedented is the NCAA basing its conclusions on a report — the Freeh Report — which on even a cursory review, the legal counsel of Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship has determined is fraught with factual and legal errors, filled with opinions and unsupported conclusions, and, in a word, faulty. Coach Paterno was never even interviewed for the Report, and the two University employees charged with crimes have not even had their day in court. To rely upon such a report to issue punishment is beyond reckless, and should not be supported in any way by the leadership of Penn State. By agreeing to these sanctions, every single member of the Penn State Board of Trustees has blatantly failed in their fiduciary responsibilities to the
university. With each passing hour, we are gaining additional alumni support in our demand to have them resign immediately.”

pdf: 07.23.12_NCAASanctionsAnnounced

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