AUGUST 10, 2012 — Nothing less than a complete and total rejection of the baseless NCAA consent decree will be acceptable when the Trustees meet to vote this Sunday. We view this call for a meeting as an acknowledgment that Rod Erickson did not indeed have authority to sign it. The trustees should not be driven by anything other than the fundamental necessity to discover the truth about Penn State’s role in the Sandusky scandal. That can only happen with the appropriate due process and after the upcoming judicial trials. We demand that the Trustees refuse to ratify the illegal consent decree, declare it null and void, and table all sanction discussions with the NCAA until after the judicial trials. PS4RS encourages every single alumnus and friend of Penn State to email the individual Trustees to encourage them to vote against ratification of the NCAA consent decree.

Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship has experienced a 70% growth in membership since the release of the Freeh report. The organization, which has more than 10,000 members nationwide, was formed to effect positive change within the University Board of Trustees. For further information on PS4RS, please visit http://www.PS4RS.ORG, email, or search “WE intend to vote out the Penn State Board of Trustees” on Facebook. Follow PS4RS on Twitter at @PS4RS.


  1. Any Trustee who votes to ratify the consent decree without a complete examination of the facts must be ousted, That may require replacing the Governor and protests/boycotts against businesses associated with business/agriculture elected members. Like Yamamoto before him, Emmeret has awoken a sleeping giant and filled us with a terrible resolve.


  2. Dear Trustrees, I strongly urge you not to ratify the consent decree until all other options favoring Penn State have been exhausted. The sanctions are simply not fair, unjust and worst of all punish the innocent. The NCAA is famous for levying such consequences nationwide and it’s time to challenge them to find an alternative solution that punishes those who deserve it. I’m a 1971 graduate, was in a PSU doctoral program and am a major donor, so I obviously have a vested interest in the welfare of PSU. Please DO NOT ratify the consent decree today. Respectfully, Thomas R. Smith ’71


  3. TO: The Penn State Board of Trustees
    From: Robert A. Reed, Class of 1982 alumni
    RE: NCAA sanctions

    I am writing to ask that you reject the baseless NCAA consent decree for the following reasons:

    1. The NCAA has overstepped its authority. By imposing sanctions against Penn State
    University, the NCAA has expanded beyond the scope of its mission. There was not a
    single violation of a football regulation. The alleged failures of Penn State listed by the
    NCAA are all nebulous failures concerning “institutional integrity,” “fundamental notions
    of individual integrity” and “appropriate and responsible conduct.” None of these was
    tied specifically to anything to do with the game of football or athletics in general, yet all
    of the sanctions were leveled squarely at the football program.

    2. The NCAA based its decision on the Freeh report which is suspect for a number of
    reasons. Many of its “conclusions” are based on assumption and speculation by the
    investigators ‐ WITHOUT SUPPORTING FACTS. Freeh’s investigation lacked the subpoena
    power of a grand jury, and his report falls short of the threshold of evidence needed for
    an indictment. Yet incredibly, the NCAA accepted Freeh’s conclusions as a conviction.

    3. There was not even a feigned attempt to honor due process.

    4. Complete evidence to support the conclusion of “institutional failure” will not be
    available until the trials of Schultz & Curley are completed.

    5. Even if you find a logical reason to hold Penn State accountable to the NCAA (see #1),
    the punishment is not commensurate with the “crime”. The NCAA exists to regulate and
    facilitate intercollegiate sports. It should not be in the business of imposing doublejeopardy
    sanctions on the tail end of criminal proceedings.

    The NCAA sanctions need to be stopped and appealed. They can be revisited at a time when all
    the evidence is available. The sanctions, if any, need to be fair and appropriate.

    Bob Reed
    Class of 1982
    BS Education


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