TO: Karen Peetz, Chairman, Board of Trustees
FROM: Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship (PS4RS)
DATE: August 21, 2012
RE: PS4RS Formal Request to Appoint Barbara Doran to Vacant Alumni Trustee Seat

Dear Ms. Peetz,

As you know, Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship (“PS4RS”) represents more than 10,500 alumni, students, and friends of Penn State. Our membership has doubled since July 23, 2012, and continues to grow. We intend to continue our efforts to improve, and monitor the governance of our University.

In this regard, PS4RS formally requests that the Board of Trustees appoint Barbara Doran to fill the currently vacant alumni seat. As you are aware, Ms. Doran finished 4th in the May 2012 election of alumni trustees, and in doing so, secured 4,040 votes. Her vote count was significant and represented 11% of the ballots cast. We believe Ms. Doran would be a welcome and needed addition to the Board. She possesses the appropriate experience and, as evidenced by the recent election results, represents the will of the alumni.

The time has come for the Board to work together with its constituents, and the appointment of Ms. Doran will signify a step in that direction by the Board. The Board must recognize that the alumni have a voice in the future of Penn State, and that voice needs to be heard.

We appreciate your consideration of this very important matter.

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