Jeffrey Toobin spent two days interviewing Graham Spanier and, unlike the sound bite coverage on ABC he got to the heart of the matter.  If you can handle the truth, this is a must read. The phony Freeh Report is unraveling. The cowardly Trustees are being called out. The media’s rush to judgement is being exposed. There was no coverup up at Penn State before November 9, 2011.  The real coverup began with the firing of Joe Paterno.

2 thoughts on “Jeffrey Toobin’s New Yorker Interview with Graham Spanier

  1. Why must this site continue to pursue a name calling hate filled initiative? Cowardly trustees? Is like saying all football players are stupid. Is there a proven court of law verdict that determined the label of “coward” be assigned to ALL trustees? No…seems like a double standard here….PS4Ever demands court sworn testimony and facts when attempting to protect Joe and yet free to name call when it suits it’s own personal agenda…who’s the coward now….not even able to determine who it is that calls ALL trustees cowards because you remain anonymous.


  2. This is not a site. It is a Blog and as editor of this blog I am anything but anonymous (unlike you, Kevin). My name is Gary Levitt, a Life Member of the Alumni Association since 1964.

    Despite your capital letters, a more careful reading of my statement would reveal that I did not call ALL Trustees cowardly. What I said was “The cowardly Trustees are being called out.” And they are. By Dr. Spanier and by many others who find that their scapegoating of Coach Paterno and their acceptance of the flawed Freeh Report is self-serving and expedient. There are some Trustees, including Joel Myers and Al Clemens, along with the newly elected Alumni representatives who are standing up for due process. We salute and support them.

    There is nothing hate-filled about our initiative to replace incompetent leaders with competent ones. We think is the only responsible way to move on. And we are certainly entitled to make that case as Alumni.


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