One Year Later, Alumni Watchdog Group Raises More Questions than Answers
in Jerry Sandusky Saga and Its Impact on The Pennsylvania State University

Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship Continues to Pressure Board of Trustees
on Need for Objective Investigation, Immediate Resignations and Transparent Leadership

October 31, 2012 – On the one-year anniversary of the release of the Grand Jury presentment revealing Jerry Sandusky as a serial pedophile who used his charity, The Second Mile, to gain access to young victims, Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship (PS4RS) has compiled a list of the “Top 25 Unanswered Questions.” By raising and communicating these questions to the general public, PS4RS seeks to uncover the many real truths in this tragedy and to address the full scope and responsibilities of all parties involved.

1. Just how was Jerry Sandusky — an approved adoptive and foster parent — allowed unfettered, unauthorized, individual access to minors through his charity, The Second Mile, a non-profit licensed and audited by the state with oversight by the Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General?

2. How did Centre County Children & Youth Services (CYS) and the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare (DPW) – both with decades’ long relationships with Jerry Sandusky — repeatedly fail to identify him as a sexual predator? Who is currently investigating and evaluating their roles from 1998 to present?

3. What action, if any, was taken by the executive leadership of The Second Mile after the organization was notified by Penn State officials of Jerry Sandusky’s behavior related to the 1998 and 2001 cases? How has The Second Mile escaped intense judicial scrutiny for allowing a suspected pedophile to remain in contact with children?

4. With widely-reported discrepancies in each one of Mike McQueary’s court testimonies pertaining to his 2001 Lasch Building locker room observations, just what exactly did Mike McQueary see that night?

5. Why did Tom Corbett, in the role of Attorney General, delay the arrest of Jerry Sandusky for nearly three years?

6. Why was Tom Corbett permitted to accept $625,000 in gubernatorial campaign contributions from a charity whose founder he was investigating? As governor, how did Corbett approve a $3 million dollar grant for The Second Mile while he was overseeing a grand jury investigation of its founder?

7. Why was Governor Tom Corbett at the November 9th Board of Trustees meeting with an advanced hotel reservation, when for all prior meetings, he sent a proxy?

8. Chairwoman Karen Peetz and the Penn State Board of Trustees have repeatedly said that Tim Curley and Gary Shultz will get their “due process.” Why was Joe Paterno not afforded the same consideration? What specific information did the Board of Trustees use to make their decision to terminate Paterno on November 9, 2011?

9. Where are the Penn State Board of Trustees’ meeting minutes from November 9, 2011 and why are they the only meeting minutes that have not been publicly released, even after repeated requests, and a legal requirement to do so?

10. Why did the Board of Trustees immediately grab power from Graham Spanier, force his resignation, and not allow him to manage the crisis from day one? What facts did they have to inform this decision?

11. Why didn’t the Board of Trustees ask for a detailed account of Penn State officials’ participation in the Grand Jury investigation, especially if Graham Spanier and General Counsel Cynthia Baldwin were aware of the proceedings?

12. Why hasn’t the Board of Trustees acknowledged that it acted precipitously in terminating Joe Paterno in November 2011, before any facts were uncovered, before the Board became aware that the statements attributed to Mike McQueary in the Grand Jury presentment were false, that Mike McQueary gave numerous versions of his story, none of which provided any details to Joe Paterno, and before the Board became aware that Joe Paterno followed University reporting protocols as they existed in 2001?

13. Who specifically leaked the Grand Jury presentment to the media in November 2011 and why? Why has Attorney General Linda Kelly not been corrected and admonished regarding the false information contained in the Grand Jury presentment? Why was the presentment written as an indictment of Penn State and not The Second Mile?

14. Pertaining to the controversial emails between Tim Curley and Gary Schultz that were discovered during the Freeh investigation, just who is “Coach” – Paterno or Sandusky?

15. What was the specific contractual arrangement between Penn State University and The Second Mile regarding taking minors on campus? Who approved this?

16. With whom at Penn State did The Second Mile administrators interface regarding Sandusky’s office, access to football facilities, football tickets, Bowl trips?

17. Why was Jerry Sandusky in the President’s luxury box at the Penn State football game the week before the 2011 Grand Jury presentment was released? Who invited him to the game? Why did Trustees who had knowledge of the investigation not act on this?

18. Four Penn State Trustees were named in the Freeh Report for having prior knowledge of the Sandusky Grand Jury investigation, dating back to spring of 2011, and doing nothing about it. Only one of those Trustees, Steve Garban, has so far resigned. Why are Jim Broadhurst, John Surma and Edward Hintz still holding their Trustee positions?

19. What is the overlap in personnel between The Second Mile board members, employees and donors and that of the Penn State Board of Trustees, employees and donors? Why were conflicts of interest not identified in the Freeh Report?

20. Where is former University General Counsel Wendell Courtney and what specific legal counsel did he offer Tim Curley and Gary Schultz when he billed them in 2001 for three hours of research into reporting suspected child abuse?

21. Was Cynthia Baldwin required to report to the Board her involvement in the Sandusky Grand Jury investigation? Did she or did she not tell the board she attended the Grand Jury questioning with Tim Curley and Gary Schultz? How could she offer to represent the three PSU employees (Curley, Schultz, Spanier) when they testified to the Grand Jury, yet be there representing the University?

22. The Board of Trustees has repeatedly been asked to produce the Letter of Intent, Scope of Work and Memo of Understanding, as well as all proposals received from other potential contractors before the November 2011 hiring of Freeh Sporkin & Sullivan LLP. Where is this documentation and why haven’t the Trustees released this information? Was the relationship between Freeh, Sporkin & Sullivan, Pepper Hamilton, and various board members and their employers, including Mr. Frazier and Mr. Lubert, disclosed to all Trustees? What was the role of the law firm of Reed Smith and what is that law firm’s relationship to individual members of the Board and their employers?

23. Why has the Penn State Board of Trustees (formally or informally) accepted the unsupported conclusions of the Freeh Report and allowed an incomplete and judicially irrelevant document to serve as the basis for NCAA sanctions, Middle States Accreditation warnings and premature civil settlements brought forth by victims?

24. Who first suggested the use of the Death Penalty as an appropriate penalty handed down from the NCAA – Rodney Erickson or Mark Emmert? What date and time did those conversations begin? Did Rodney Erickson present/recommend the specific sanctions that were agreed upon? Was Rodney Erickson being untruthful when he said Penn State was threatened with the Death Penalty? Why was counsel with expertise in NCAA matters not engaged until July 2012, despite the November 2011 notice from the NCAA?

25. When will Penn State University make plans to properly honor Joe Paterno’s 61 years of service?

The membership of Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship has grown rapidly since the release of the Freeh Report in July 2011. The organization, which currently reports more than 15,000 members nationwide, was formed nearly one year ago to effect positive change within the University Board of Trustees. For further information on PS4RS, please visit, email, join our online forum The ELMS or search “WE intend to vote out the Penn State Board of Trustees” on Facebook. Follow PS4RS on Twitter at @PS4RS.

10 thoughts on “Official Press Release: One Year Later, Alumni Watchdog Group Raises More Questions than Answers

    1. Kevin — this is a release that has been sent to local and national media outlets as many of them are preparing stories to run in conjunction with the 1st year anniversary of the 11/911 late night firing of Coach Paterno after 61 years of exemplary service to the University.

      WE will continue to encourage the media to live up to the highest standards of journalism by actually searching out the truth rather than repeating the misstatements of too many rush-to-judgement stories.

      I chose not to publish your other comment which was an abusive personal attack.

      Gary Levitt, Editor.


    2. Kevin, why even comment? Basically, you say that because the answers aren’t readily available to us on th back of a cereal box, we shouldn’t bother to try to answer them? I can only believe that you’re simply one of the many resentful instigators that just doesn’t care about the truth in this case because the outcome you desire has already come to pass without it. Why muddy up the water with nonsense like truth and facts, right? this is the moronic mentality, that has somehow become mainstream in this case. why don’t you just go away?


  1. All excellent questions-great work! We want answers to these questions Karen Peetz, Rod Erickson, Tom Corbutt, Cynthia Baldwin, John Surma, Steve Garban, Mark Emmert, The Second Mile, Wendell Courtney, CYS and PDW, Mike McQ, Louis Freeh . Praying that national media will for once grab this, seek truthful answers to these valid questions and run with it!


  2. Thank you for all of your great efforts Gary and the PS4RS team. The BOT can’t hide the truth forever. I really can’t imagine what they were thinking. In hindsight…I bet they wish they had done more.


    1. Indictments are not difficult to get if that is what a prosecutor wants. Apparently the outgoing AG and her predecessor and current Governor are determined to keep the focus on Penn State and off the Second Mile donors to their campaigns.


  3. Would the Graham Spanier you reference in item #10 be the same Graham Spanier who is about to be indicted on the charges of perjury and obstruction of justice?


    1. Oshea , with Corbett and Kelly using PennState to act out a political vendetta ,they appear just like McCarthy hunts for communists hearings in the 50s . Eventually they will be found out and their careers will be over and likely in prison! I have faith in the good people of PA.
      I have zero faith in fabricated grand jury presentments (mcquerys testimony) ,and state police officials, convicting a witness for the AG ( joe pa) in the media of failing his moral obligations. Failed Moral obligation my ass ,these parasites need to answer the dam questions!

      A real penn state person knows you ask the toughest question of your self, and then the fight will be over, win or loose!


  4. Only 1 thru 4 and 13 are truly relevant. The balance might be interesting to know, but are mostly manifestations of raging and howling about the past, and unless someone’s got dibs on the DeLorean, these events and decisions can’t be changed, nor does beating them to death do anything really productive.

    The core of the story going forward MUST focus on the unalterable reality that Second Mile, an organization whose MISSION it was to wake up every day and protect children at risk, had the EXACT same data set, if not more, that EVERY PSU Official had and did NOTHING for over a decade. Period. Raykovitch & Genovese = Jail. At a minimum, why aren’t these 2 on the line ?? My observation – in the hysteria of the lynching that occurred in Nov / Dec 2011, not one harsh light of reality pointed at SC and ALL the PA Child protection Officals involved allowing the enablers to sneak outta Dodge, all of them. This currently PSU-centric story only shifts when, in the near future, Curley, Schultz’s, and now Spanier’s stories center on the basic fact that they informed licensed child protection professionals (Second Mile) of a fuzzy report of something inappropriate involving their founder, then took their cues from the pro’s inaction(s) – bank on it. Case in point – Raykovitch is supposed to be HIGHLY trained and alert to connecting the dots of predatory behaviors, right ?? Did he, or ANY Second Mile pro, EVER do their own investigation / inquiries of the 2001 McQueary story, including discussing the incident with Mike directly ?? Anyone ?? – – Buhler – – Buhler – –

    Make no mistake – every PSU Official, including Coach Paterno, should no longer be working for the University for one simple reason. If their mission was to wake up everyday and protect the University and the University’s programs – they collectively failed – period. If you’re coming back from Grand Jury testimony, and, without breaking confidentiality about the specifics of your testimony, the general subject is endangering the welfare of children and ‘ya don’t even discuss a plan / inform / prepare your leadership structure for a downside scenario – Out, all of ‘ya !!

    Reality, and I have great respect for the myriad of accomplishments and solid foundation Coach Paterno provided Penn State and all of us as alumni and members of the PSU community – he earned the privledge of wrting every Chapter of his life’s story at Penn State. Unfortunately, he also got to participate and write the tragic ending, taken down by the one thing he could never bring himself to experience in person – watch what he worked so hard to build run well without him at the wheel.


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