Public Comment by Susan Dietterich

Good afternoon and thank you for this opportunity to speak. I was one of the first group to speak in front of all of you, and during that session, we had an open conversation where you answered questions. Now I understand that no longer exists. So I urge the press core to ask this question to you later in their press conference, where I understand you do answer some of their questions.

Transparency includes answering questions and responding to the alumni. Many of you were elected by us alumni, and we are acutely aware of who is listening and who is not listening.

This will become more clear as we go through elections this year and we alumni vocalize our voice even more.

But let’s discuss the costs that we’ve talked about in September. When we discussed the cost associated with the implementation of the Freeh Report, recommendations, as well as the NCAA sanctions, the question I posed to you and received a response was you’d know this answer in January. Well, it’s January, and I’m back. I’d like to understand the answer.

So what are the estimated costs related to these recommendations and sanctions for the 2012 year and for the ongoing five years underneath of the sanctions? And what are the lost opportunity costs for that same time frame?

As we know, this is your fiduciary responsibility and obligation to this university to really understand these costs. So I brought along a little list for you. Since we can’t have a dialogue.

So what I understand so far is there’s $10 million that’s been allocated in a retainer for law firm A, and I’ll just leave it as A for now. There’s an additional $10 million allocated in a retainer for an additional law firm. Let’s call that B for now. $10 million to a PR firm retainer. Again, it doesn’t matter who it’s to. $6.5 million to the Freeh Report, which we’ve heard from Governor Corbett is incomplete. We have $60 million sanctions, of which we’ve paid 12 million so far to date. And I understand that we have $400,000 to former Senator Mitchell for his activities with us, which is one-quarter of the total time.

If I estimate that out, that’s $1.6 million a year or approximately $9 million over the total of five years.

So upwards of about $110 million has been spent on this situation. What else is out there that we don’t know about? What else is out there that you are planning to make changes to that would incur additional costs?

Thank you for your time.

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