February 10, 2013 —- The membership of Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship applauds the Paterno family for filling the obvious void in Penn State leadership and seeking the real truth about how a predator like Jerry Sandusky could have harmed so many, and gone undetected for so long.

Unlike the manner in which the Penn State Board of Trustees commissioned Louis Freeh to create a false narrative intended to back up their rush to judgment, the Paterno Report clearly does the opposite. Through the use of bona fide experts whose reputations and depth of experience are beyond reproach – former Governor and U.S. Attorney General Richard Thornburgh, world-renown FBI pedophile profiler Jim Clemente, and Johns Hopkins Hospital and School of Medicine physician and psychiatrist Fred Berlin — the Paterno Report reflects a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to a complex societal problem. Clearly, the Report is meant to help the Penn State family, the State College community and the nation at large to better understand and protect children.

With every one of Louis Freeh’s conclusions undeniably refuted by this report, Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship calls for Mr. Freeh himself to publicly explain his methodology, scope of work and evidentiary basis. Beyond an initial press conference, Freeh has yet to explain or defend his report publicly since it was released in July 2012.

“It is with this new and objective information that we must again — and more forcefully than ever — demand the resignation of all Penn State Trustees who were seated at the time of November 2011, and restore the reputation and legacy of Coach Paterno and our University,” said PS4RS Founder Michelle Murosky. “This group of Trustees has acted with reckless abandon and callous haste since the very announcement of Jerry Sandusky’s indictment,” she
continued. “Having brazenly admitted to never reading their own $6 million Freeh Report, the Board of Trustees has demonstrated time and again that they have no interest in understanding the covert and insidious problem of pedophilia.”

Their actions, including a manufactured, yet staunchly-opposed “move on” campaign, have exposed an irresponsible and selfish approach to distancing themselves from the truth of this scandal, and unfairly allowing Penn State – the very University they are charged to oversee — to accept all the blame. The truth is that many parties are complicit in the destruction Jerry Sandusky waged. Not once have the Trustees questioned the roles and responsibilities of the Second Mile administration, local law enforcement, the Centre County Children and Youth
Services or the State Department of Public Welfare.

It is time today for a new Board of Trustees at Penn State; a Board comprised of leaders who respect due process, who are not afraid to tackle the difficult and complex topic of child sexual abuse, and who are willing to defend Penn State.

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