“The NCAA has lost sight of the children, and is in a complete tailspin. It is our sincere hope that the someone from the organization will step forward and substantially reduce or eliminate the unfair and illegal sanctions imposed upon Penn State. It’s time for the NCAA to admit its errors and allow Penn State and its student-athletes to move forward. The fines, if they are even deemed legal to be levied at all, should be used to put Jim Clemente’s video into the hands of every single parent to learn how to identify the characteristics of child sexual predators. Short of that, this is a ridiculous sideshow that’s horribly unbecoming to the parties involved.”


  1. Interestingly enough, does the NCAA have standing to sue elected officials in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania? Has it waved any right to object to the standing of Governor Corbett now that it has brought into play the issue of whether the Commonwealth has standing to sue it (NCAA) as I understand they have contended (possibly rightfully so).If PSU does not owe the NCAA anything because their sanctions were in excess of its authority, how can it now sue to collect money it is not legally owed?At last a Federal Court will have an adequate opportunity to decide whether its (NCAA’s)atrocious penalties against us were legal. WOOOOPPPPIE!!!

    Edward M Kopanski, Esquire

    Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2013 01:57:12 +0000 To: xsalentattorney@msn.com


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