Alumni Trustee Anthony Lubrano issued the following press release yesterday:


Time to Ask Louis Freeh for Our Money Back

(267) 278‐0440

February 24, 2013

With the recent release of the analysis of the Freeh Report by former Attorney General Dick Thornburgh and a team of experts, Penn State Trustee Anthony P. Lubrano believes the time has come to ask Louis Freeh to return some or all of the millions paid to him by Penn State.

“As my Board of Trustees colleagues Al Clemens, Ryan McCombie and Adam Taliaferro have already stated, this analysis of the Freeh Report raises a number of extremely serious and troubling questions.”

“The Freeh Report purports to be the result of something that it is not—a full and complete investigation. As a result, it does a disservice to all those parties it was intended to help—the victims, the university and the community at large.”

At the time of Louis Freeh’s engagement in November, 2011, we were told that “He has complete rein to follow any lead, to look into every corner of the university to get to the bottom of what happened and then to make recommendations that will help ensure that it never happens again.”

In fact, under the terms of the engagement letter between Freeh and the Penn State Board of Trustees on behalf of the Special Investigation Task Force, Freeh was “…to perform an independent, full and complete investigation of the recently publicized allegations of sexual abuse at the facilities and the alleged failure of PSU personnel to report such sexual abuse to appropriate police and government authorities.”

“We now know that this did not happen.”

“Putting aside its inaccuracy and unfairness, the Freeh Report is far from complete and as a result, I believe Penn State is entitled to a refund.”

One thought on “Time to Ask Louis Freeh for Our Money Back

  1. Engaging anyone, including Freeh, carte blanche, violates the Board’s required fiscal prudence. This action, and many other more obvious actions, demands the Board members voluntarily stand for reelection. I am curious as to why no one has proposed, endorsed, or taken this course of action. Maybe I missed something. Please help, if I did.


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