31 of 39 PSU Trustee Hopefuls Are Seeking PS4RS Endorsement

February 28, 2013 —- Officials from Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship have announced that 31 of the 39 alumni-elected trustee candidates have sought the group’s endorsement. The 39 qualifying candidates today learned their ballot positions for the election which takes place in April. The grassroots watchdog group, which has been focused on removing or replacing every trustee who was seated as of November 2011, has created a formal process for endorsement application.

A PS4RS election committee will narrow the field to the “Top Six,” and then the group’s membership of 15,000 will participate in an online primary to determine the final three candidates who will receive the group’s backing in the form of an endorsement and campaign marketing support.

“Naturally, the two incumbents know better than to ask for our endorsement, unless it comes with a full apology and complete plan to redress their actions and inactions of the past 16 months,” said PS4RS spokesperson Maribeth Roman Schmidt. “And the remaining six still have time to participate in our process, if they so desire. On April 1st, we will announce the three PS4RS-endorsed candidates, and we will then encourage all eligible alumni to vote the PS4RS slate to ensure that we have truthful and transparent leadership at the helm of Penn State University.”

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