March 18, 2013 —- The Election Committee of Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship has
announced the group’s top six trustee candidates culled from a list of 29 candidates who sought
the PS4RS endorsement. The PS4RS “Top Six” are as follows:
• Rudolph K. Glocker, ’91, ‘93g, Lib
• William F. Oldsey, ’76 Lib
• Barbara L. Doran, ’75 Lib
• Robert C. Jubilrer, ’59, ‘62JD, Lib
• Ted. J. Sebastianelli, ’69, Bus
• Edward “Ted” B. Brown III, ’68, Sci

To select the six candidates, the committee established criteria regarding the qualities, experience and motivations PS4RS deemed necessary for an effective alumni trustee, and then formulated a detailed questionnaire to extract that information from the candidates. Participants in the PS4RS process were asked to indicate the highest priority issues for the Board of Trustees and the University over the next three to six years; amount of time available to dedicate as a board member, level of communication skills necessary to interact with students and other stakeholders; experience with boardroom organizational dynamics; previous Penn State involvement; and detailed professional and volunteer experience.

“As the grassroots watchdog alumni organization for Penn State, it is incumbent upon the leadership of Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship to bring forth the most passionate and qualified candidates in the field – and those who will have the best chance of unseating the incumbents,” said Committee Chairman Christian Marrone. “We looked for individuals who are more than one-issue candidates; board reform is important, but so is selecting the next president, tuition control, NCAA sanctions, state appropriations, recognizing Joe Paterno and restoring Penn State’s national reputation.”

Marrone added that prior engagement with Penn State is also imperative, with interest in the educational mission of Penn State and involvement outside of sporting events essential. “We also strongly considered life experience, consensus-building ability, negotiation skills, and a clear record of maturity in all public dealings,” added Marrone. “Above all else, our ultimate objective is to put forth three PS4RS-endorsed candidates who will be the very best representatives of Penn State in thought, word and deed. With our Top Six, we are one step closer to this goal.”

The PS4RS membership will vote in an online primary election to be held March 18 through March 23 to determine the three candidates who will receive the PS4RS endorsement. The three candidates receiving the most votes will receive the PS4RS endorsement, to be announced Monday, March 25.

The PS4RS Election Committee, chaired by Christian Marrone, includes: Elizabeth Morgan, representing PS4RS Leadership; Franco Harris and Trey Bauer, representing Lettermen; Professor Kenneth Miller and Assistant Professor John O’Donnell, representing Academic Leaders; Jared Newman and Diane Yingling, representing PS4RS Members At-Large; and Jonathan Brandonisio, representing students.

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