June 6, 2013 —- Today’s news of the dismissal of Governor Corbett’s NCAA anti-trust lawsuit is disappointing. Due process is proving as elusive as the truth at Penn State.

Nevertheless, we are pleased that Judge Kane recognized the impact of the draconian sanctions on wholly innocent parties and that public debate on the extraordinary behavior and power of the NCAA is warranted. By initiating this lawsuit, the governor indicated his opposition to the sanctions levied against Penn State. While he might not be able to get the result he had hoped for inside the courtroom, the membership of Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship expects that Governor Corbett and his appointees to the Penn State Board of Trustees will bring their passion for justice to the board and
continue this fight. This is Governor Corbett’s golden opportunity to persuade his fellow trustees to repudiate the Freeh Report, upon which the unfair sanctions were based.

There is now a clear majority of Penn State Trustees who object to the NCAA sanctions: the five trustees who were named as plaintiffs in Paterno et al v NCAA, Governor Corbett, his appointees, and the three incoming alumni trustees. We trust that the board chairman will respect this majority.

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