Special thanks to our anonymous donor who made the PS4RS Media Truck possible for the Eastern Michigan football game. The media truck traveled around State College displaying the following messages:

 photo 1174601_599649873411364_1088725230_n_zpsa7d2e1c9.jpg

 photo 1238090_599649833411368_579068491_n_zps61bfb60b.jpg

 photo 1006342_599649810078037_1914129786_n_zpsfc4f3d89.jpg

 photo 1237551_599649796744705_1511475975_n_zps1216a2ad.jpg

 photo 998311_599649813411370_2114359844_n_zpsbaf30c83.jpg

If you would like to help sponsor a media truck for future football weekends please contact ps4rsinfo@ps4rs.org

3 thoughts on “PS4RS Media Truck – Eastern Michigan

  1. I found it strange that the agency , The Second Mile, that helped perpetuate Sandusky’s crime was ignored and the one person who contributed so much to the University became the focus of NCAA and Trustee venom. Joe, and the Paturno family deserve better. Peter Cecconi, Jr. AIA


  2. I received an email from PSU last night from above which was a copy of a Centre County paper editorial praising the progress of the BOT!

    I think I received this PR because I have written so many letters to BOT asking them to please resign if they couldn’t correct their behavior.

    Keep up the good work. I think you are getting under their skin, finally. This is meant to be FYI since this is probably how they will respond to your March. I wish I could be there.

    Nancy Freiermuth

    Sent from my iPad


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