PS4RS MEDIA STATEMENT: “Today, seventeen trustees were willing to stand up and support the incomplete, unsubstantiated and flawed conclusions of the Freeh Report, and by proxy, the way the report was used to unfairly malign, demean and punish students, faculty, alumni and supporters of Penn State. We wouldn’t want to be them when this Report makes it to the inside of a courtroom.”

How the trustees voted:

Trustee name Membership status Vote on motion to review Freeh Report
Carolyn Dumaresq Ex-Officio Not present
Ellen Ferretti Ex-Officio Not present
George Greig Ex-Officio Not present
Cliff Benson, Jr. Appointed by Gov Corbett Nay
Kathleen Casey Appointed by Gov Corbett Nay
Allison Goldstein Appointed by Gov Corbett Nay
Todd  Rucci Appointed by Gov Corbett Nay
Mark Dambly Appointed by Gov Corbett Nay
Paul Silvis Appointed by Gov Corbett Nay
Ted Brown Alumni elected Aye
Barb Doran Alumni elected Aye
Bob Jubelirer Alumni elected Aye
Al Lord Alumni elected Aye
Anthony Lubrano Alumni elected Aye
Ryan McCombie Alumni elected Aye
Bill Oldsey Alumni elected Aye
Alice Pope Alumni elected Aye
Adam Taliaferro Alumni elected Aye
Donald Cottner Agricultural Nay
Keith Eckel Agricultural Nay
Abe Harpster Agricultural Nay
Betsey Huber Agricultural Nay
Keith Masser Agricultural Nay
Carl Shaffer Agricultural Nay
Richard Dandrea Business & Industry Nay
Ken Frazier Business & Industry Nay
Daniel Mead Business & Industry Nay
Karen Peetz Business & Industry Not present
Walter Rakowich Business & Industry Nay
Ed Hintz Business & Industry Nay

One thought on “Seventeen Trustees allow Freeh Report to Stand

  1. we need to remove those BOT Members who do believe PSU was harmed by the unprofessional behavior of Emmert, the NCAA,and the Freeh Report.

    This is about truth and uncovering the totality of events that took place. Putting your head in the sand and saying lets move on is not a satisfactory outcome.


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