“The Penn State community and the wider general public were led to believe that Louis Freeh was hired to provide an objective, independent assessment of how a pedophile could have gone undetected so long; and to learn how to prevent it from ever happening again. Sadly, with today’s news, we have learned that the real objective was to place the blame on Penn State football so that the NCAA could hand down harsh sanctions and thereby prop up its faltering image. In doing so, Louis Freeh obscured the lessons that should have been learned from this tragedy and did a terrible disservice to children everywhere.”

One thought on “Our comment on today’s news about “collaboration” between Freeh and the NCAA

  1. These e-mails just prove what many suspected all along–Emperor Emmert and Freeh are both corrupt, and worked together (with the old guard BoT?) to steer the direction of the report.
    I hope some day they get what they have coming.


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