“It’s perplexing. The more engaged the alumni community becomes in the governance of Penn State, the more cloistered and secretive the embattled “Old Guard” trustees become. Our university should be governed by people who act in the best interests of Penn State one hundred percent of the time; not just when it’s convenient for them. We are asking the trustees who refused to attend this special meeting to finally discuss decisions that have thus far cost Penn State upwards of $150 million to resign. Please make room for others who consider their fiduciary duty to Penn State their highest priority. Please make room for others who are proud of Penn State’s academic and athletic culture and who would never suggest that more than half a million people are somehow responsible for the actions of one person. So far we have elected nine trustees who have demonstrated their allegiance to Penn State and the remaining board seats should also be filled by people who are similarly devoted to the university. Penn State deserves better than trustees who put their personal interests before the university’s.”

The following Penn State trustees shirked their duty to the university and did not attend a meeting of the full board called for December 15, 2014 to discuss the university’s position in Corman and McCord v. NCAA, litigation in which $60 million of the university’s funds are at stake.

Eric J Barron President, The Pennsylvania State University president@psu.edu
Thomas W Corbett Governor, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania twc11@psu.edu
Carolyn C Dumaresq Acting Secretary, Pennsylvania Department of Education
Ellen M Ferretti Secretary, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources emf15@psu.edu
George D Greig Secretary, Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture gdg13@psu.edu
Clifford G Benson, Jr Chief Development Officer, Buffalo Sabres cgb148@psu.edu
Kathleen L Casey Senior Advisor, Patomak Global Partners, LLC klc341@psu.edu
Mark H Dambly President, Pennrose Properties, LLC mhd15@psu.edu
Todd L Rucci Government and Community Relations Officer, PAP Technologies tlr113@psu.edu
Paul H Silvis Head Coach, SilcoTek (Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees) phs4@psu.edu
Donald G Cotner President, Cotner Farms, Inc. dgc14@psu.edu
Keith W Eckel Sole Proprietor and President, Fred W. Eckel and Sons Farms, Incorporated kwe1@psu.edu
M Abraham Harpster Co-Owner, Evergreen Farms, Inc. amh102@psu.edu
Betsy E Huber Immediate Past Master, Pennsylvania State Grange beh17@psu.edu
Keith E Masser Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Sterman Masser, Incorporated (Chairman of the Board of Trustees) kem375@psu.edu
Carl T Shaffer President, Pennsylvania Farm Bureau cts15@psu.edu
Richard K Dandrea Attorney, Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott, LLC rkd135@psu.edu
Kenneth C Frazier Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer, Merck & Company, Incorporated kcf11@psu.edu
Edward R Hintz, Jr President, Hintz Capital Management, Incorporated erh4@psu.edu
Daniel S Mead President and CEO, Verizon Wireless dsm232@psu.edu
Karen B Peetz President, Bank of New York Mellon kbp12@psu.edu
Walter C Rakowich Retired CEO, Prologis wcr121@psu.edu

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