“On Chairman Masser’s refusal to attend a legally called board meeting…

One of the few factual findings of the Freeh report was that three trustees in positions of leadership on this board were told by then president Graham Spanier of the coming indictments of Tim Curley and Gary Schulz nearly a week ahead of time.They did not alert the rest of the board and they did not help prepare the university for what was coming.

While all three voted to oust president Graham Spanier, two of the three were allowed to stay on the board, and in leadership positions.

Recent governance reforms should have addressed this issue of the few making decisions for the board but instead has already put that goal further out of reach.

Given that we did not learn until after our last meeting that the NCAA vs. the state trial would start before we can formally meet again, I am surprised the chairman himself did not call a meeting immediately to discuss such an important development.

Instead, by failing to attend this board meeting to consider the Lubrano resolution in a more timely fashion, a de facto decision for the board and for the university has been made by a few that we should continue to stand with the NCAA and on the wrong side of history.

It seems we have learned little from the governance failures of late 2011 and 2012, and that is really quite sad”

– Trustee Barb Doran

One thought on “December 15 Board of Trustees meeting: Trustee Barb Doran’s comments

  1. To our Alumni-Elected Trustees:

    Thank you for keeping us informed.

    Thank you for continuing to fight for what is right and against the absolute arrogance of the Board’s officers and appointed members.

    Do not give up. You are doing exactly what we elected you to do. We just did not expect the degree to which the guilty parties have continued to stonewall and refuse to take part in the open discussions.

    And, if I read it right, our new President was one of the non-attendees. PS4RS needs to demand an explanation from him.


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