For Immediate Release
Contact: Albert L. Lord
(571) 228-1840
Anthony P. Lubrano

Penn State Trustees Request Information

January 12, 2015— In a letter sent today to Penn State Board of a Trustees Chairman Keith Masser, Penn State Trustees Albert L. Lord and Anthony P. Lubrano have requested information pertaining to a settlement proposal made by Penn State to the NCAA.
“We have learned that Penn State has made a proposal to the NCAA,” said Lubrano. “Unfortunately, my efforts to confirm this with Chair Masser have been unsuccessful thus far.”
Presently, Penn State is a defendant in the matter of Corman/McCord v. the NCAA.
Added Lord, “Chairman Masser’s unwillingness to communicate with us on this vitally important matter leaves us no choice but to make such a formal request.”
Emails and deposition transcripts released as part of a lawsuit against the governing body of college sports suggest that some NCAA officials questioned their own jurisdiction to sanction Penn State, calling it “a stretch,” and expected Penn State to accept the punishment out of embarrassment.
Both Trustees were elected by the alumni: Lubrano in 2012, and Lord in 2014.


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