PS4RS is gratified that Keith Olbermann was suspended after his atrocious comments attacking the selfless efforts of Penn State students participating in THON. Once again, when Penn State has been attacked, Old Main has remained silent while students, alumni and other members of the community have risen to its defense. However, it’s important to remember that Olbermann’s negative perception of the Penn State community is a direct result of the horrific things that Louis Freeh said about us. Our community will continue to suffer these kinds of attacks until this report is finally thrown on the scrap heap of history where it belongs. It is in the university’s interest to publicly release all of the Freeh-related materials that are being sought by the Paterno et al plaintiffs so that the truth of its creation – the collusion between certain trustees with an agenda, the Freeh Group, and the NCAA – becomes known to all. Hiding these materials serves only the interests of those involved in the report’s drafting. We ask the university to publicly release all materials so the public can judge the veracity of the report for itself. The remaining November 2011 trustees have an irresolvable conflict of interest with the university and must resign.

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