The members of Alumni Council need to hear our views on the new by-laws that they will be voting on Friday. If you feel that the new rules will significantly cut the Alumni Council members, and all the alumni who vote for them, ability to govern the association then please let them know.

The Penn State Alumni Association releases no contact information for our elected council members, but if you know anyone on this list now is the time to call them to discuss the proposed changes.

They are our representatives. We deserve to be heard.

Some proposed amendments:
– Robert’s Rules of Order will become optional
– The Executive Board will be able to eliminate the 30 alumni elected council seats and replace them with the President’s appointees
– Eliminate the ballot petition method of running for an Alumni Council seat, leaving the Nominating Committee to select the candidates they like the best.

These proposed amendments need to be tabled. Please help these member of Alumni Council do the right thing.

Mary Waldman
’83 QBA

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