PS4RS believes it is unlawful for Penn State to keep its alumni-elected trustees in the dark when it comes to the basis of the controversial Freeh Report conclusions. There is no room for secrecy in the governance of Pennsylvania’s largest institution of higher learning, especially when that secrecy has cost the university hundreds of millions of dollars and the reputations of several employees. What we are asking for is both simple and fair: either share the source materials for the Report’s conclusions with those who have been elected to steward the university, or repudiate the Report.


Petitioners’ reply to to new matter in respondent’s answer to petition to compel inspection of corporate information 

Exhibits A-K

Exhibits L-GG

PS4RS declaration in support of elected trustees

One thought on “Elected trustees continue effort to gain access to Freeh materials

  1. It is believed that an indefinite stall, continued stonewalling and lack of accountability are the basis to bring closure to requests and legal motions to reveal that which should already be public knowledge.

    We are keeping the fight for truth and disclosure alive.


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