PS4RS Top 5 Candidate Town Hall 2016

Livestream link for the PS4RS Town

What: PS4RS “Top Five” Town Hall

Participants:  Alumni trustee candidates Ted Brown, Barbara Doran, Bill Oldsey, Robert Bowsher and Larry Schultz
Moderator: PS4RS Board Member Dr. Spencer Niles
When:   Thursday, February 18, 2016
1:00pm to 4:00pm EST
Taping begins at 2pm sharp, and will go for 90 minutes, until 3:30pm

Where:  WITF Studios, 4801 Lindle Road, Harrisburg, PA 17111 Phone: 717-704-3000

Format: This event will be a panel format, where candidates will be seated on either side of moderator Dr. Spencer Niles.   Participants will engage in an informative discussion on the issues pertinent to the Penn State alumni trustee elections. Dr. Niles will direct the topics to be discussed and ensure that candidates receive equal time and relevant topics throughout the 90-minute program. There will be a combination of questions directed at ALL participants, as well as questions that will be unique to each specific candidate.
Viewing: This event will be webcast LIVE via a link. At the conclusion of the program, the video file will be archived and available for  public viewing via Vimeo. PS4RS members will view this event as they prepare to cast their votes for the final three PS4RS endorsed candidates. Candidates will each receive a DVD of the program, which can be used for personal campaign materials.

PS4RS – Maribeth Roman Schmidt  215-620-4210 (cell)
WITF – Justin McKnight 717-395-8599 (office)  717-395-8599 (cell)